Nathan Grayson Provides More Favorable Coverage To His Friends, No Disclosure.

You think he would have learned by now..

The ride never ends, or so they say, but now it’s starting to look like this rides going full circle. Just yesterday there was a media blitz attacking GamerGate over two panels being canceled at SXSW. With all the excitement, many have seemed to miss Kotaku’s greatest, Nathan Grayson, doing what he does best, again.

Grayson published an article on Kotaku yesterday titled “The Best Games I Saw At IndieCade”. In doing so, Grayson decided to shine some light onto a game called “Butt Sniffing Pugs”. Yes, that’s actually the title. What Grayson failed to mention was a creator of this indie game, Maya Kramer, better known as @legobutts on Twitter is one of his good friends. Is it just me or is there starting to be some kind of weird obsession with butts here?

At any rate, Grayson conveniently failed to provide a disclosure to his readers about this relationship. I’m sure if you e-mailed Kotaku about it, Kotaku would investigate Kotaku and tell you Kotaku is credible and Grayson didn’ do nuffin. Lucky for us, a kind user has put together a nice infographic showing the kind of relationship between Grayson and Kramer as well as exposing the lack of ethics on Grayson’s part.

876543And n? And n.


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