Ubisoft Hid Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s Micro-Transaction Prices From Reviewers

Gotta admit, that’s pretty shady.

Today on Reddit’s r/pcmasterrace, one of the highest up voted threads has a lot of people talking, with good reason. The thread titled Ubisoft made sure microtransactions are hidden for reviewers included a link to a censored image of what appeared to be a reviewer telling their readers why there was no mention of micro-transactions in their review. The image was censored because the previous post had been removed for not being so, according to the original poster.


A little digging through the comments and a Twitter search later revealed the outlet to be TheEscapist.

Two things about this piece stand out to me, but only one is surprising. First off and most perplexing, why was the reviewer, Lizzy Finnegan, so reluctant to tell her audience that the menu for micro-transaction prices was unavailable in the article? I believe that information should be made known to the consumers. Surely it would benefit us to know Ubisoft is hiding the prices of their micro-transactions from reviewers.

The second concern of mine, but much less surprising is Ubisoft’s choice to hide the micro-transaction prices from reviewers. This is not the first time a company has decided to do this. Metal Gear Solid 5 had done the same just a few weeks ago, though to be fair there was a lot more conflict surrounding MGSV and how it was covered by reviewers. Needless to say this practice is shady at best and appears to be against the consumer’s interest.

Some have already spoken of boycotting Assassin’s Creed Syndicate without even giving it the honor of being pirated. The reaction is not entirely surprising after AC:Unity fell flat among fans for being a buggy mess. It’s clear Ubisoft needs to start thinking a lot more about their customers or they risk losing loyal fans to the Assassin Creed Franchise.


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