JamFaze Takes A Look At The Documentary Game Loading: Rise of the Indies

Seriously, you should check it out.

A couple of days ago on October the 17th, a Youtuber and hobbyist indie developer by the name of JamFaze uploaded a video that takes a look at the documentary “Game Loading: Rise of the Indies“. Yeah, for some reason that documentary is being sold on Steam. Lucky for us JamFaze explains what it is, what’s wrong with it, and why you don’t need to waste your money on it.

I’ve never heard of JamFaze before this video was released but he’s earned my respect, for whatever that’s worth. Right away, in the first minute of his video titled “The Indie Crew” JamFaze tells us exactly who he’s talking about.

“Do you not know how to code? Do you have no creativity? Do you lack the talent or dedication to make detailed pixel art, so instead you just make tiny jumbles of pixels that look like shitty knockoffs of Cave Story sprites? Then boy is it important that you’re part of an indie crew. Believe it or not, if you’re an indie dev this small click of hipster pretty much stand between you and success in the indie scene. Being part of the in group is your ticket to awards, money, PR and favorable press.”

It only gets better from there. Check out the full video below as JamFaze dissects the documentary and really puts a spotlight on whats wrong with gaming’s indie scene.


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