Overkill Producer Almir Responds to Payday 2 Community Feedback

Yet, it’s not exactly what the player base was looking for.

Overkill has been under fire since the “Black Market Update: Vlad’s Weapon Deals” was released for Payday 2. You can read more about it and my thoughts on the matter in my previous post. Today, Overkill has given a statement to the Payday 2 community responding to the feedback and criticism.


Crimefest is the busiest event all year. For months we’ve worked very hard making this content, and during the event itself we work day and night making sure we get the content out to you during Crimefest itself – we’re testing a new update every day, make sure that it works and can be released.

We’ve read a lot of your feedback. We’re aware that there are those of you who are unhappy or concerned about the Black Market update. Once Crimefest and all its content is out we’ll discuss this with you along with the other new features that were added. While we usually get back to you straight away when you have feedback, right now we’re busy as hell making sure we finish all the content we prepared on time.

As Techraptor has reported, not everyone in the games community is satisfied with this response. The payday 2 reddit is still in an uproar with highly up voted threads such as “They’re not busy with anything, they’re simply delaying it. Keep the flames roaring.” and “Keep the pressure on them, don’t let the shitstorm die out just because they’re willing to communicate with us about it“. Even on day 4 of CrimeFest, where players get free rewards each day, the community does not seem to be willing to let Overkill forget this issue any time soon.

55555555To me the situation is very reminiscent of the Skyrim Paid Mods fiasco. User reviews for Payday 2 are starting to plummet as shown by SteamSpy. Will this be another win for gamers in the end? I certainly hope so.


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