VG247: “We Seriously Fucked Up”

Ever wonder why #GamerGate exists?

Today the gaming news site VG247 released an article apologizing to the developers at Naughty Dog for “a massive mistake we published last month”. They go on to say the article in question was published on September 30th and was titled “Is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End too formulaic?”. The article has since been deleted but luckily the internet never forgets. As it turns out, the writer of the article, Brenna Hillier, was actually previewing the remastered Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, from the recently released Uncharted Collection.

I believe in giving credit where it’s due. VG247 did retract the article and released an open apology to its readers, even going as far as to admit they “seriously fucked up”.

As soon as Sony notified us of our mistake we immediately unpublished the article as it was clearly based on one massive error on our part. TGS is busy and obviously the majority of signage isn’t in English, but none of that excuses the fact that we seriously fucked up.

It’s cute to say it’s testament to the skill and beautiful artwork of the Naughty Dog team that we mistook a remastered PS3 game for Uncharted 4. But none of that changes the fact that we have massively misrepresented a game to our readers, fans of the Uncharted series and the industry who read VG247.

VG247 is absolutely right though, none of that changes the fact they made a huge mistake. Brenna Hillier directly lied to her readers even going on to claim she was an “Uncharted veteran” in her article, yet she was unable to tell the difference between the two games. One would assume a veteran to the series would be able to tell they were playing through a story they previous played, no?

At this point, it should be no surprise VG247 is highly critical of GamerGate, and writer Brenna Hillier is no exception.54574574

Hopefully after this mistake they’ll take a long, hard look at themselves and realize they are part of the problem, but I doubt it. It’s actions like this that have caused the year long backlash against video game journalism and those who would attempt to slander gamers. I personally applaud VG247 for admitting and correcting this mistake, but the video game industry deserves better.


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