#TakeBackTheTech Creator Called for Action Against #GamerGate

#TakeBackTheTech’s twitter campaign succeeded despite #GamerGate, so what’s the problem?

If you’ll remember, I wrote a blog post giving my opinion on #TakeBackTheTech and it’s intended goals. For those unfamiliar with what’s been going on, Seattle4Truth released a video detailing the plot of a Twitter hashtag intended to gather evidence of the various ways women are abused online for their next report. TheRalphRetort was quick to pick up the story and Breitbart gave us a nice summery of how well the hashtag was going over among #GamerGate supporters.

The #TakeBackTheTech campaign appears to have succeeded but honestly it’s far from an impressive task. With a goal of only 25 retweets they manged to scrounge up double the support they asked for with 50 retweets total and a social reach of 720,530. So what exactly is the problem?

5675674TheRalphRetort has reported that yesterday, lost among the madness, the creator of #TakeBackTheTech had called it’s supporters to action against the backlash the twitter hashtag was receiving. Even going as far as requesting its supporters “Report abusive accounts to Twitter” and “create alternative accounts to push back against the trolls”. Yes, you read that correct. A radical feminist organization created by the UN was encouraging its supporters to report dissenting views to silence its critics and to create sock puppet accounts to make it seem like it gathered more support than it actually had. Shocking, right?

33333As hilarious as this is, this should not be ignored. This is a great example of just how far they are willing to go to push this agenda until they get the kind of internet censorship they’re asking for. They are not afraid to lie and manipulate its way to success. That is a very scary thought and should trouble anybody who cares about a free internet.


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