The UN #CyberViolence Report Is Being Revised

Just when you thought it was over..

Just a couple of days ago supporters of GamerGate noticed the UN CyberViolence report had been taken down. If you haven’t been following whats been going on, check out TheRalphRetort as they sum up what’s happened the last week pretty well.

We’ve done a lot of reporting on the United Nations and their bogus report on #cyberviolence over the last week or so. Today, is no different. As it turns out, Blowey Zoe Quinn isn’t the only person trying to back away from this dumpster fire. The UN itself is now trying to obfuscate their fascist findings, after most of the media (even many SJW outlets) shit all over it. Believe me, they didn’t want to back off. They’ve had to simply because of the extremely negative reaction. The whole thing is basically a laughingstock, much like the social justice warrior movement itself.

We had all hoped we finally heard the last of it, unfortunately word has come out suggesting the UN CyberViolence report has only been taken down to be revised.

456346346It’s not over yet by the looks of it. Keep an eye out for more info in the near future. It’s not like the report could get any worse though… right?


The rumors were true. You can check the report for yourself today. The UN Report is coming back, revised.




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