Gone Home Just Can’t Handle Criticism

Reaching the all page of Reddit today, a post on r/gaming has got gamers talking.

Gone home is an interactive short story that came out in August 2013 and ever since has been one of the biggest jokes among gamers. To put it simply, it’s a walking simulator that can be finished in under a minute.

It had gotten a lot of backlash from consumers. A big part of the criticism was caused by Danielle Riendeau who had given Gone Home a perfect score upon reviewing it without disclosing her personal ties to the developers.


Gone Home is not unfamiliar to criticism which makes today’s events a little perplexing. Reaching the all page on reddit, a post from r/gaming has Gone Home in the eyes of the public once again. On the forums of it’s Steam page, a user was banned for giving his opinion of the game in three words or less.

4363463To be fair, the user did cheat using a hyphenated word. Hardly grounds for a permanent ban though.

If you ever needed a reason not to trust the developers of Gone Home and that Polygon review wasn’t enough, just look at how well they handle honest criticism.


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