Can We Stop Using Tragedies to Push An Agenda?

Perhaps one of the grossest tactics I’ve seen over the last year following GamerGate is the use of tragedies to push an agenda.

If you haven’t heard by now there was a shooting at Umpqua Community College that left many dead and many more injured. A real tragedy that will affect the people involved for the rest of their lives. It is truly sad and my condolences go out to those people.

Then I saw it, an opportunists using this tragedy to get a leg up for some political gain.

456456Zoe Quinn, who recently stood in front of the UN to address cyber violence, comes out on Twitter to intentionally misinform her followers that /r9k/ is where GamerGate started.

/r9k/ is a board on 4chan that apparently had a thread warning about the shooting before it happened. It has not been made well known but discussion of GamerGate has been banned on 4chan for over a year and came out on the board known as /v/ for Video Games. Yet here we see Zoe Quinn blatantly lying about the origins of GamerGate.

It’s not an uncommon tactic in politics to say the least and that doesn’t change in regards to GamerGate or it’s detractors.  Almost a year ago we saw Anita Sarkeesian blame “toxic masculinity” for another shooting that happened. It should be no surprise Anita is friends with Zoe Quinn and was with her speaking at the UN.

555Honestly, this trend is sickening. The bodies are still warm and these people are climbing on top of them looking for a soapbox. Even worse, it works.


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