OpenCritic is Now Live!

OpenCritic is live! A great new alternative to MetaCritic is now up and running and looks very promising.

Click here to check it out.

Taken from OpenCritic’s FAQ:

What is OpenCritic?

“OpenCritic is a review aggregator for video games. We gather game reviews from across the internet and bundle them together on a single game page. By bringing in several different critics and publications, we hope that consumers can get a more complete picture when deciding whether or not a game is worth their time or money.”

What Makes OpenCritic Unique?

  • Transparency. No hidden weightings. No black-box processes. All standards and calculations are publicly verifiable.
  • Customization. Gamers can create their own personal score by customizing which publications they trust. And critics can submit edits to both their score and quote at any time.
  • More than a number. We aggregate all reviews, not just numerical ones. We also want to show the human side behind the review and score, with our first step being to display the author.
  • Gamers first. We are committed to continuing development in the review aggregation space and want to engage the gaming community to decide which features to build next.

OpenCritic certainly looks to be a refreshing tool for gamers.


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